Searching For Purpose

23 May

I am so excited! It is an awesome feeling to know that you are finally walking in your purpose. My husband and I have always been extremely spiritual, but this year God has definitely revealed more of his purpose for us in our lives. And, I can not put into words how amazing that feeling is.

I don’t know if anyone else can relate but before this year, I felt somewhat envious of individuals who were doing exactly what they loved and knew they were called to do. Here I was highly educated ( B.A. in English, Minor in Poli Sci, Teaching Certification, and Juris Doctorate) and floundering. Really floundering.

Several years earlier I discovered that the realities of practising law were a world apart from my youthful and idealistic visions. More importantly, my moral convictions played havoc on my”lawyering.” I was advised on at least a couple of occasions to leave my morals at the door. One individual went so far as to suggest that I look at my morals as a coat. When I walked into a law office, I was to hang it on the back of my seat. Then, when the day was over I could put it back on.

Well, that piece of advise didn’t sit  so well with me. And, I knew it was time for me to consider other alternatives. (Let me say, however, that I am not implying that one can’t have morals and practise law. I am merely commenting on my particular circumstances and  environment at that particular point in time.)

So, I took a new job in another field. And, while I enjoyed the work, I still felt that something was missing. Then, one day it hit me. While I was good at a lot of things,one of the few things that I was absolutely passionate about was God. I loved to talk to him, about him, and for him. .And, dear hubby was exactly the same way. We could (and often did) stay up til all hours of the night discussing God and his desires for us and mankind.

Meanwhile, Hubby was already walking in his purpose. He loved to aid people, do motivational speaking, and teach the word of God. They were and are his passions. ( And yes, he was one of those people I was somewhat envious of.)

When I approached him with my new idea, I was thrilled that he was every bit as excited about it as I was. What was this new idea? I wanted us to become a spiritual/religious/inspiration writing team. I wanted to share with the world our discoveries of the God whom we served. And now, our dream has just become a reality.

We have just published our first book, Don’t Waste The Storm and will discuss it in more details in a later post. However, I want to end by saying, if you haven’t as of yet discovered your purpose; be encouraged. Pray to God for guidance. And in his time, and in his way he WILL reveal to you what it is you were meant to do and be.



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